District 41's Ban on The Perks of Being a Wallflower

"Those who seek to protect children from thoughtful artistic content may well instead 'protect' them from a full and complete education"–Julian Darius


Shop local for a hard copy or digital copy of Perks at The Bookstore! They’re ordering more hard copies:

“There was a sudden surge in interest in the book, said Sue Kowalski, of The Bookstore in downtown Glen Ellen. The small store sold five copies of the book in a week, selling out and prompting employees to order another stack. Typically, the book store would sell just a few in a year’s time, Kowalski said. ‘It suddenly becomes the most desirable book there is,’ she said. ‘It seems to me that banning a book has the opposite reaction than what they might have hoped.'” –Trib Local

You can also check out local used bookstore Bundles of Books to see if Rosemary has a copy in stock.

The library is, of course, always a great option.

Alternatively, order Perks from Amazon or download the eBook for your Kindle.

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